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How to Fail Upwards: 5 Secrets CEOs Don’t Want You to Know

(Humor, via The Hired Guns)

You could spend years trying to fail upwards, only to find that all the good promotions have already been claimed by more successful incompetent people. Here’s how to shave a few years off your timeline:

5 Ways to lead like a general, not a coach!

(Humor, via The Hired Guns)

Business is a battleground, not a junior-high girls’ badminton league. To succeed, you’ve got to crush your competitors, and what better way to instill that mindset than by crushing your own employees first?

Here are five great ways to do that:

5 Tips for hiring a crappy team

(Humor, via The Hired Guns)

You’ve just been given oversight of a new product launch. Your first task is to hire a team. Here’s how to screw it up:

5 Great Ways to Exasperate Your New Boss

(Humor, via The Hired Guns)

Congratulations on the new job! You’re a big, important manager now. But while you’re waiting for your imminent promotion to CEO, you still have to report to someone. On paper anyway! Here’s how to make the most of it:

Success is not an option

(Humor, via The Hired Guns)

There are hundreds of business blogs that tell you how to succeed as a new manager. But there are none that tell you how to fail.

Until now: