What We Do

We help you out-pace, out-hustle, and out-perform your competition.

More specifically, we help optimize your people, your processes, and your overall performance.

Here’s a sample of specific services offered:

1-Month Org Audit

This overall analysis of your company’s personnel and operations points out trouble spots and recommendations for optimizing performance. It includes an assessment of employee strengths and weaknesses (based on face-to-face interviews with every employee and 360-degree reviews), an assessment of org structure strengths and weaknesses, an assessment of operational process strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for optimizing each. Within one month you will have an objective, third-party assessment of your organization. Some feedback will verify opinions you already held; some will make you say “A-ha,” and some will make you say “Hmm.”

Getting the right people is the first step. Getting them in the right places is the second step. Getting them doing the right things, in the most productive process, is the third step.

Interim Exec

You needed a GM a month ago. Or a head of marketing. Or a strategy lead. You have a recruiter sending you candidates, but it’s taking time, and–most troubling–your needs continue to evolve. Hire Tarpley.org to fill the hole for three months, help define the long-term needs and screen candidates. Or hire Tarpley.org to lead a new project, or take take over a struggling project.

Ongoing Advisory Role 

You need a strong senior exec, or multiple execs, but you don’t have the head count or the cash. Tarpley.org can fill the gap on a part-time or as-needed basis. The benefits of an ongoing role include having someone who is familiar with the company and processes take on assignments without requiring advance ramp-up time; and having an objective, third-party resource to vet critical ideas and strategies–and help implement them, if necessary.

1-Week People Assessment

You want a test-drive? Here’s an extremely valuable project for any company–that’s also quick and inexpensive to implement. Many companies advocate a 360-degree review process to help identify employee strengths and weaknesses at all levels. While insightful, they are time-consuming. In contrast, this 1-week assessment consists of a 2-question review: “What is this person’s greatest strength?” and “What is this person’s greatest weakness?” Face-to-face interviews are conducted with every employee to assess his or her subordinates, peers, and manager–the latter two anonymously. The deliverable is a concise, actionable list of employee strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations–in a single week.